After Dinner Coffee

After Dinner Coffee makes an excellent Mexican-style way to finish a meal. Kahlua, the coffee liqueur utilized in this drink, can also be delicious offered in a liqueur cup topped having a thin coating of cream. This formula serves four.

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50gm / 2oz dark-roast ground coffee
475ml / 16fl oz boiling water
120ml / 4fl oz tequila
120ml / 4fl oz Kahlua
5ml / 1 tea-spoon natural vanilla essence (extract)
30ml / 2 table-spoon soft dark brown sugar
150ml / ¼ pint double (heavy) cream


Place the ground coffee inside a heatproof pitcher or even cafetiere, pour upon the boiling drinking water and leave till the coffee grounds negotiate at the base. Strain the coffee right into a clean heatproof glass pitcher. Add the tequila, Kahlua and vanilla flavor essence in order to the coffee, and stir nicely to mix. Include the sugar and still stir till it has mixed completely.

Put the mixture in to small coffee mugs or high heat-resistant glasses. Hold the spoon simply above the surface area of each coffee. Put the cream very gradually down the back again of the spoon in order that it forms a swimming pool on top. Serve at the same time.